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21 Regular People Killed Courtesy Coalition Attacks in Syria


US led coalition airstrike’s slaughtered around 21 civilians in Northern Syria and the areas around it covered by the Islamic State militants as monitored by a witness.

Out of these 21, 15 innocent civilians were killed by the raids in northern districts of Manbij and the other 6 lost their lives near a local village near the Manbij city.

The militant bastion that has been on the main route of supply between Turkey and Syria in the province of Aleppo that lies in the north has faced a US backed offensive by the Arab fighters along with the Kurdish soldiers that lead to the fleeing of thousands of civilians from the area sins 31st May.

Apart from the people that get themselves out of the controlled area, there are still millions who are still in the captivity of the militants in Manbij.

On 23rd June, after blocking the road from south of the city that heads towards the Islamic State’s de facto capital of Raqa the Syrian forces backed by the Kurdish and Arab fighters broke into the Manbij city from the west that results in the fleeing of the civilians trapped there.

Forces made a quick progress into the area, but now due to the suicide attacks and the landmines planted by the IS militants have slow down the process of evacuation from the city.

The Kurdish allegiance that was founded in October last year has helped the Syrian forces reclaimed the largest part of the northern and Northeastern Syria, but the clearance of Manbij would be their biggest achievement so far.

280,000 people have lost their precious lives and there are millions who got displaced from their houses in this deadly Syrian war that started in 2011 by the anti-government protests with the brutal repression and have caused Syria to suffer a lot since its start.

Syrian democratic forces along with the alliance of the Kurdish and Arab fighting forces has made a huge progress reclaiming the captive lands from the militants, but there is still a lot of work needed to be done with no time to waste.

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