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5 Best Android Games of 2016

Best Android Games of 2016
The improvement rate of the android games on mobile has been increasing at very good speed than any other technology that accommodated the users before. If you told someone that you have play Need for Speed: Underground 2 on mobile with the same graphics you played on the computer, they will be laughing at you considering it a joke. But this actually is possible now with even better graphics and structure than the computer. Users have been involved in the gaming ever since they were introduced to the mobile versions.

Here are the top 5 android games of the year 2016


Up till now, there have been a few android games that have been played for as long time as Asphalt 8: Airborne is getting played by the users all around the globe. The reason of which is that the game contains a lot of content and exciting features like a single player race, multiplayer races, unlockable content and the time trials as well. The game gets consistently updated every now and then adding many more new features and looks of it. The game contains some outstanding 3D graphics and works on most of the devices.


Initially, Badland did not look a much interesting addition to the games arena. The game features a side-scrolling runner, while playing the game you have to avoid being getting swallowed by the ever-scrolling screen and the obstacles. While playing a game, one can hardly deny its depth and the emotions it sprinkles on them. The game has some exciting features to offer to its players like a sizeable adventure mode, a real time multiplayer, and let the players create their own levels after the update in the year 2015. The World where the waters of the time get bored immediately even found this game interesting.


Crashlands, which was introduced to the gaming world in the year 2016, has already made a huge impact as one of the best games of the year. The game features a space truck driver that gets cashed somewhere in the land of the aliens. Your job is to collect items, build yourself a base and find out, what is going on and help save the world from the monstrous plot.


Fallout shelter when released in the year 2015 got a huge fan following straight away as well as positive reviews from the fans around the globe. You have to create shelter, manage everything well by creating a population, you can make babies as well. You can play this game for months and realize that the game has in-app purchases as well.


This game is known to be one of the best and most enjoyable indie games that have ever been created and had a huge fan following that’s why. The game in itself has 12 battle modes, 100 levels, and has been played on 15 3D grids. The game has got some exceptional graphics and that too in HD and can be played easily with a good interface.

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