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The Bodies of World-Renowned Climber and Cameraman May Have Been Discovered 16 Years Later

Alex Lowe
Alex Lowe

CNN: 16 years after, when Alex Lowe (a world-class climber) and David Bridges (the cameraman), were struck by a life-threatening avalanche on the Tibetan Mountain, the bodies of the two may’ve been found covered by the blue ice.

Being a world-class alpinist, Alex Lowe was regarded as the best climber in the world. Alex Lowe climbed the Mount Everest twice in his life. He also climbed the Matterhorn and scaled the EI Capitan in the Yosemite sixteen times.

It was 5th of May 1999, when Lowe along with his cameraman Bridges were hiking to check out the possible location that they’d wished to ski on the Shishapangma. Shishapangma is the world’s 14th highest mountain. But unfortunately, they had a massive avalanche that swept the two away. The companions of Alex Lowe and Bridges, on that hike, searched for them, but they were unsuccessful to find the pair.

After 16 years of that incident, Anker received a call, last Wednesday, from the 2 climbers that were on Shishapangma’s south face. The climbers, Ueli Steck and David Goettler, witnessed the frozen bodies of the 2 people that were emerging from the glacier – a statement made by the Lowe Charitable Foundation.

One of the climbers who witnessed the two frozen remains explained the pack and clothing that they found on the two bodies to Anker. Anker, who married the Lowe’s widow, concluded that the two are Alex Lowe and David Bridges without any doubt – according to a statement.

According to Lowe-Anker, “The family is planning to make a pilgrimage to the Shishapangma.

“Alex Lowe and David Bridges were caught and frozen in the time. 16 years of life have been passed and now we have found them. We are grateful,” the widow of Lowe said in her statement.

Alex Lowe Foundation was established by Lowe-Anker in 1999 in the memory of Alex Lowe, her first husband. The foundation promotes the projects like “Khumbu Climbing Center” offering the technical training for the local workers of the Himalayan Mountain.

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