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Who Will Replace Amjad Sabri?

Amjad Sabri
As Amjad Sabri was shot to death brutally on 22 June leaving his fans, foes and family thinking from where he came and where he went away.

After Amjad Sabri death, the questions over his murder investigation and the future of Sabri Qawwali tradition has been raised, so his family has announced his successors to lead the group.

The successors will be his two youngest brothers Azmat Farid Sabri and Talha Farid Sabri, who will be managing the same name (Amjad Farid Sabri Qawwal Party), music and style which Amjad mastered and standardized.

Amjad Farid’s elder brother Sarwat Farid said that Azmat and Talha will lead until our generation is ready to take charge as the children are still young and they won’t allow them to take full time on qawwali until they get properly educated. He added that Amjad’s eldest son, Mujaddid Farid is confident to hold the group in the future along his cousins.

Sarwat said that the daughters of Sabri family never sung publicly and boys will be allowed once they turn 17. He added that qawwali is not just singing indeed, it’s a spiritual matter. He also added that proper training and knowledge should be given before becoming the head singer.

He added that their father never forced them to join the band, but they asked it’s your wish if you want to join you can. He told that he was manager for his father’s and uncle’s band for decades, but he never liked to take the microphone towards his side.

Sarwat while cleaning his throat said that their trade is in safe hands, as Azmat and Talha has been fully trained under supervision of their father and they both have travelled the world along with their deceased brother.

Talking about his family members, he said that Amjad Sabri was third among five brothers and six sisters. He added that their brother Asmat was physically ill and he died at age of 29 in 2008. At last he added, he consulted his mother and decided to tie Amjad’s dastar on Mujjadid’s head and party’s dastar on the heads of Azmat and Talha.

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