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Blackberry’s new Android Phone


Blackberry has its own operating system and the latest version of this operating system is BB10. Google launched its Android software and got most shares in the market, BB 10 was released 4 years later so it has faced many problems.

However, the Blackberry was quite prominent in Smartphones, but due to its small size with less multimedia features it did not succeed and Apple’s iPhone took its place in 2007.

BB earlier launched its first Android phone in 2015 which was a large touch screen device with a slider keyboard. Some people rejected it due to its price which was 579 Euros in United Kingdom.

But, now the Blackberry has launched its first touch screen Smartphone without any keyboard to have a change over its range of Smartphones. The company stated that “Dtek 50” smartphones have improved security than its rival Android smartphones and it would cheaper than first launch.

This “Dtek 50” has been Blackberry’s second Android Smartphone after diverting its interest from its BB10 platform. Nick McQuire, an analyst at CCS insight said that real challenging moment for Blackberry will be that, can it bring its corporate buyers to purchase mid-range product. He added that people should be aware that and Blackberry should educate its customers that the company is living not dying.

Mr. Chen, the CEO while briefing about the product said that its design has been copied from Alcatel Idol 4S. He added that this Smartphone is equipped with unique hardware and its chips are being protected by cryptographic keys to prevent it from hacking and tampering.

Blackberry declared that it gets a lot of revenue from the software it licenses to companies which include its server products, which helps company employers easily manage the smartphones they have given to their employees. Due to its software business Blackberry has been much stable in last 12 months.

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