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Cameron’s Farewell

David Cameron

David Cameron, a British politician, who has been Prime Minister of Great Britain from 2010 to 2016. He has also been as Member of Parliament for Witney since 2001. He also remained the Leader of Conservative Party from 2005 to 2016.

However, today was the last day for Cameron as the Prime Minister of United Kingdom and he gave his final appearance in the House of Commons where tributes were paid to him by many parliamentarians including Mr. Jeremy (Leader Labour Party). In his address, Cameron said to all Parliamentarians that he would miss the roar of the crowd.

Later on, he returned to Downing Street 10, where he had his last speech along his wife and children. He said that being PM was his greatest honor. He added that he had not got every right decision, but he further added that he believes that country is much stronger.

He managed to defend his economic, social and foreign affairs achievements. He also wished Ms. May very well and said that she will provide a better leadership. He also paid tribute to his wife and children.

He ended his speech in which he said that he wishes to see his country successful. In his final remarks, he said that comment once again, which he said to Tony Blair during his first PMQs as opposition leader in 2005 saying that he was the future once.

He left by the famous black door and his staff applauded him while he posed at the black door along his family.

After getting free from his speech, he went to hand over his resignation to Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace about 5pm local time and recommended the Queen to appoint Theresa May to succeed him.

However, Ms. May held a meeting with Queen. Ms. May will be the second woman to get on the post of United Kingdom’s Prime Minister after Margarent.

A confirming statement from Buckingham Palace also came confirming that Cameron handed his resignation to Queen and she accepted happily.

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