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Chilam Joshi Festival Starting 13th of May at Kalash Valley

Chilam Joshi Festival
Chilam Joshi Festival

Islamabad – The four-day Chilam Joshi Festival is going to start on the 13th of this May at the Kalash Valley, at approximately 24 kilometers distance from Chitral.

The festival honors the influx of the summer season and rejoices the profusion of the dairy products that are produced during this new season.

The Chilam Joshi Festival provides an exceptional opening for the far away people having fun that gives a message of harmony to the entire world.

During the Chilam Joshi Festival, the people of the Kalash, recognized as Kalashi”, prays for the protection of their animals and fields by sharing milk among their loved ones.

The Kalash people love the music and they also love to dance on the drums beats. In the dancing festivities, both women and men participate and have fun by making circles on the sound of the music.

Kalash is known for its traditional music and the dance festivals and the locals are known for their stress-free and loving life approach. The people of Kalash don’t even mourn for the deaths. They are extremely connected to the nature host several festivals, every year, to thank their Gods.

The Chilam Joshi Festival is one of the well-known festivals that Kalashis celebrates and it is being celebrated in the month of May. It’s the belief of the Kalash people that pastoral God Sorizan guards their herds during winter and autumn. For that reason, Kalashis host the winter festival in order to thank their God Sorizon. Goshidai, their other God guards the herds, when it is the spring and summer season and they thanks it at the Chilam Joshi Festival in May.

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