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Extreme Sitting Linked To Increased Heart Disease Risk

Heart Attack

Researchers have concluded in their recent research that continuously sitting for more than ten hours can lead to increased risk of heart attack, stroke or heart related diseases. As sitting for ten hours, increase 8 percent chance of development of heart diseases.

The leading author Dr. Ambarish Pandey of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas briefed that according to his findings more sitting is linked to increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Doctor Pandey told Reuters Health by email that it has not been confirmed that how many hours you must be sitting to avoid heart related diseases. According to JAMA Cardiology results, the risk only starts when a person is sitting for continuous ten hours.

The researchers compiled the data from nine different researches in which they followed 700,000 adults. They calculated the relation between the calculated time and the incidence of events such as stroke and heart attack. These activities included watching TV or driving.

People who have been sedentary for more than 12 hours per day were having a 14 percent chance of cardiovascular disease than the people who were sedentary for 2.5 hours per day.

Yeonju Kim, who was not a part of this study welcomed the research and said that the relation between sitting time and cardiovascular disease will provide totally different recommendations for stopping these diseases in the future. She also told Reuters through an email that there should be more study to be on this problem as 10 hours per day is a very low limit as per her experiences.

Pandey also added that staying active and having regular exercise will help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. He further said that increase in physical activity will also lead to reduce the risk of the diseases as then it would avoid sitting for a long time.

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