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Four-Year Ban Lifted On US Beef by Saudi Arabia


In 2011, after a case of a mad cow disease was founded, Saudi Arabia imposed a four-year ban on the beef imported from the United States as the food coming was not meeting the standard of food quality of the nation causing a high risk of causing dangerous diseases amongst the Saudi people.

A disease that was firstly be observed in 1990s is known by the name of bovine spongiform encephalopathy and is commonly known as mad cow disease, there was a chance that the disease is highly recorded in the animal aged more than 30 years.

United Kingdom became the one of the countries that suffered the most from the disease at the height of the epidemic a survey done in 1992/1993 showed there were about 3500 actual or suspected cases of the disease found every month.

According to the doctors it was concluded that this brain infected disease has a high chance of transferring from animals to the humans when they eat beef or beef products. Considering the fact Saudi government imposed a four-year ban on every beef product imported from the US.

Now after four years after the deal made between the dealers of both the government in which the point that is only the beef from the cattle under 30 years of age will be sold to Saudi Arabia was considered and agreed.

Before the ban, US were able to sell the beef products worth $31m dollar so it can be assumed that what amount of loss of business US suffered during the four years.

But now the business is started again when the US ambassador to Saudi Arabia ensured that the deal will be according to the food security plan and culture of both the countries. And he also confirmed that both the countries have agreed upon the high food security standards.

In regard to this the US department of agriculture has also formed a new system that certifies the food according to the Saudi requirements of the food security.

United States and Saudi Arabia are known to have adapted good friendly relations amongst them from quite a long time now.

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