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4 Steps to Fray Your Jeans Perfectly

how to fray jeans
Fray Jeans at Home

Denim trends change so quickly and it makes all the fashion followers exhausting in order to keep up with them. But still, there is a type of jeans that has actually become a modern classic. I am talking about the pair of jeans that is destroyed artfully. With a frayed hem or a hole at the knee area, these classics have become a style that is always there. It looks extremely stunning with high heels, crisp blouses, and oversized sweaters. It is really cool to perfectly fray jeans at home.

It’s not that hard to visit the nearest fashion store and ask for the ripped-up denim. They can also be found online from the e-commerce stores. But sometimes, people don’t find exactly what they need. For them, a DIY project can be the best available option. Here are the step-by-step instructions to get a pair of perfectly frayed jeans in your home:

Things required

You will need only a couple of tools to fray jeans at home. You need to arrange for a seam ripper and a pair of the sharp fabric scissors. It is good to iron the jeans before cutting it, if there are wrinkles in it.

Steps to follow

  1. Your jeans must be clean and crisp before you start the project. So, we recommend you to wash your jeans for a good style.
  2. Once you have properly cleaned your jeans, then you should mark the areas where you want it to be cropped for the new look. Normally, it is good to crop it about two inches above the ankle. This will give it the more professional and appealing look.
  3. After you have marked the area, now you should cut it evenly across.
  4. From the raw bottom, pull out a few cotton fibers using the seam ripper. If you want a more natural look, then you should pull the cotton fibers sporadically. Keep in mind that your jeans will always continue to fray after that on its own as you wear. If you ever feel that the cotton threads have started to get too messy, then you can trim that.

So, if you were looking for an answer to how to fray jeans, then this is how you can do it at home. If you are going to use this method to get a pair of perfectly frayed jeans, then we recommend you to start with an old pair of jeans first. This should be practiced before the Fashion Week arrives, or before the occasion where you want to wear this modern classic. If you have decided to offer your old denim a new makeover, then please let us know with your experience.

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