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Fruit and Alcohol Affects the Breast Cancer Risk

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is among one of the world’s most common disease these days and is spreading very fast in the women around the world.

Breast Cancer

Many organizations and NGOs, including United Nations, WHO (World Health Organization) are running various awareness campaigns against the dangerous life taking disease.

Many theories and treatments reveal different outcomes so far, but one of the latest study shows that the usage of fruit in teenage helps working well against the cancer, but drinking alcohol in later life can increase the risk of it.

According to the studies we know that fruits help our immune system and make the body more powerful and defendable against every possible disease and have special nutrients like vitamins and fibers present in fruits are very helpful and are known to fight against breast cancer.

Despite not being having conclusive evidences, it is said that fruits and vegetables play a key role against cancer in the mid age when Breast cancer tissue is not as vulnerable to have an  influence on the body as it gets later in the life so there’s a possibility of stopping the disease in its early stages.

Researchers used data from 90,000 nurses over the last 20 years considering their diet and nutrition taken during their teenage life.

Researcher Marie K. Dam led the team from the University of Southern Denmark, in Denmark and studied about having an impact of alcohol on the breast cancer patients in their adult life.

According to the team, from the last 5 years, there’s been a 30% increase in the risk of breast cancer in the women who take 2 drinks more than they usually drink.

But on the contrary, it has also been found that increasing alcohol intake decrease heart disease by 20%, however, there’s not been any significant impact on altering the risk of either breast cancer or the heart disease.

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