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How to Get Rid of Gas and Bloating

gas and bloating

This article is going to be about gas and bloating, let’s just be straight forward here. So, no shame, no giggling and all that. It is a matter that you sometimes don’t share with anyone because you are afraid that they are going to make fun of you. You can call it what you want, gas, farting, breaking wind, etc. But, it is suggested to have this problem removed as soon as possible before it makes you feel any kind of embarrassment in a gathering or any sort of a personal meeting.

Here are a few remedies that will help you remove this problem:

Using the Peppermint Tea

Peppermint holds a very key role in many important matters when it gets to getting the cures for certain problems. It helps in easing gas pains as well as soothing churning stomachs also. The essential oil present in the peppermint contains menthol, which helps in the easing of the way for the digestive tracks that are responsible for the smooth flowing of the gas through them. It also helps in soothing of the nerves as well. You should take a cup of peppermint tea after having your dinner.

Let the Gas Out

If you are facing the bloating issue, you should not try to hold the gas in, because it will come out one way or the other, seriously. Before facing any such trouble, you should make them flow freely out of the body. And, it is not possible always, of course, so try go out of the room or any place out, or in the bathroom so that you can make it out. If you are going to hold it, you are going to make it tough for you and it will get only worse.

Ginger do Help

Whether you are facing the nausea problem, or you are struggling with the stomach flu or also from the indigestion, ginger is what you are getting recommended to help yourself out of it. It also helps in making your tummy calm and relax and in the gas and bloating problem. You are going to need 1 fresh gingerroot, a grater, which is optional as well. You also need one cup of boiling water as well if you are going to make tea. Lemon and honey are also optional. Mix them all, and drink it under proper precautions that you can google and also know from the elders as well.

Using the Chamomile Tea

If you can’t help yourself using the peppermint tea, you can go for the chamomile tea as a second option as well. Due to its usefulness, in German, it is known as “capable of anything,” and can help you out with just 1 bag, lemon and honey and mix it up with water to drink it.

You can use the medicine as well, but make sure that they have been prescribed by the doctor after you have asked him about the cure after describing the problem to him in full explanation.

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