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How to Get Rid of the Persistent Coughs

Persistent Coughs

Obviously, you don’t like it to have a persistent coughs that does not go away for more than 2 days and again come back. It irritates you to be the kind of a person who always get to be the one, who always creates a noise in a silent room during a lecture or in a meeting. And also, no one likes to be the one from whom, everyone tries to protect their food when you cough away in a restaurant. The coughs are always a trouble for you, both physically and otherwise. Here are some techniques that can help you save from this kind of the embarrassment:

Get Rid of Persistent Coughs by Using Honey

According to a general study at the Penn State College of Medicine, it has been recorded that a spoonful of honey will do you better than the medicines with certain side effects as well sometimes. Its high viscosity help coats those kinds of the mucous membranes that became the reason for your persistent coughs every time. Bees add a perfect enzyme to the honey when they harvest it, that contains antibacterial properties that help in shortening the life of cough depending upon if you have the bacterial illness.

Get Rid of Persistent Coughs by Taking a Cup of Licorice Root Tea

Licorice root has he properties of being both the demulcent as well as the expectorant. It also helps in the soothing of the air that you take when you have a loosening or thinning mucous condition. That also results in the easing of the congestion. Apart from this, it also helps in easing all the kinds of the inflammation that results in the irritation you felt due to the sore throat.

Take 8 ounces of the fresh water with 2 tablespoons of the dried licorice root and mix it well. Drink it and feel the difference.

Get Rid of Persistent Coughs by Gargling Salt Water

It is one of the most common remedy of the throat problems and one of the easiest to do at home as well. It helps in such a way that, it causes the concentration of the salt that is present on the outside of the cells of the mucous, gets higher. Due to this, water started to flow out of the membrane to balance the situation. It results on the going down of the swelling and thus the irritation and discomfort goes away.

Get Rid of Persistent Coughs by Using the Tea Thyme

It is one of the oldest methods to get safe from the coughs or any other such plague. It was also used in the times when one of the deadliest plague hit the world back in 1346-1353 in the Europe. It was then known as the “Black Death”. People then, used the thyme by burning large bundles of it and thus warding off the disease. They also tried to carry the pockets filled with the thyme as well. Without any second thought, the thyme does contain some anti-microbial properties, but it also helps in the opening of the trachea and bronchi that help you breathe easily and thus the discomfort goes away.

All these methods are effective to avoid persistent coughs, but it is highly recommended to visit your doctor for a proper checkup as well.

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