Google CEO: Not Going to Launch Any Search Engine for China

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Google CEO : Not rushing to launch any search engine for China

Google CEO assures his employee that the company is not close to launch any search engine for China that can put the Company’s value at compromise.

Pichai said in a meeting at a town hall on Thursday that he is not rushing to launch any search engine for China. Since the Google’s efforts to build a censored app for the company was reported by media, the meeting is the first event.

According to sources report, the CEO said, “We are not about to launch any search product in China. Whether we will do or could do is not very unclear till now”. He further said, “The team is in an exploring stage since a while and are working to explore more options”.

The discussion was held in a regular meeting and was open to all employees. Early in the month, it was reported that Google was working on the search engine for China that would block all of the sensitive websites and search terms in compliance with Chinese Government Censorship policy.

It was reported by New York Times on Thursday that more than 14000 employees had signed a letter that enquires for the plan and requesting for more transparency.

A copy of the letter posted on the website of Times Of India says “To make ethical choices, Googlers want to know what we are building. Right now, we don’t know what we are planning”.

Google refused to comment on the meeting held at the Town Hall. Google also refused to confirm the authentication of the letter posted in the Times of India.

There are hundred millions of internet users in China who search online shopping market on a regular basis, a fact that USA tech companies cannot possibly ignore. Also, Google’s popular searches like YouTube and Gmail are banned in China for many years.

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