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Grant Flower Gets Extension in Pakistan Cricket Team’s Batting Coach Position

Grant Flower Gets Extension in Pakistan Cricket Team’s Batting Coach Position

Pakistan cricket team’s batting strength is in tatters from the last few years, and they haven’t been able to produce any quality batsman over the years now. Grant flower, the former Zimbabwean great, was given the role back in July 2014 to stabilize the problem.

There is no doubt about it that Grant Flower did not try his level best to help the team and it seems to be an improvement in the batting after his efforts with the team. Considering the improvements the PCB has decided to extend the contract with Flower so that he can get some more time because of his understanding with the players.

Apart from his efforts, it was Pakistan’s newly appointed and yet not tried former Protease domestic cricket player Mickey Arthur who has requested the PCB to extend Grant Flower’s coaching contract.

Grant flower is not the only one who gets extended in the role as he is also joined by the Pakistan team’s fitness trainer who was appointed by the team the same time Flower joined. Both get a one-year extension in their contracts.

Although it was expected that Mickey Arthur will suggest a new option for both the posts, but he has decided to continue with the duo. He also suggested Steve Rixon from Australia to be working with the team as a fielding coach and gets his request fulfilled by the PCB management.

As mentioned earlier, considering the batting weaknesses PCB turned its eyes towards the former greats Inzimam, Miandad and Zaheer Abbas, and with the inclusion of flower, there seems to be some improvements.

Pakistan’s average RPW (runs per wicket) was 28.89 only in the duration from January 2012 to February 2014 but after the inclusion of Flower it raised to as high as 43.82. Batsmen converted 48.43% of the half centuries into centuries which is the most by any team in the world followed by South Africa and Australia with under 41% figures that is considerably a great effort under the circumstances. So there was absolutely no confusion in giving him more time with the team.

With this coaching staff Pakistan cricket team has all eyes on the England tour starting from the coming 14th July.

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