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Hassani Brothers Launched Mine-Detecting Drone

Afghan drone

There is absolutely no introduction needed about what the Afghanistan and Afghan people are going through during the last few decades, they haven’t been able to recover after the Russian assault in 1973.

Afghanistan has now been mostly controlled and filled with various kinds of terrorist groups across the country killing many innocent people every day.

NATO forces along with the U.S forces have been trying their heart out to clean up Afghanistan, but there is no significant success they achieved so far. Fed up with all this, two Afghan brothers, Mahmud and Massoud Hassani have stepped up to help their country against the daily killings.

The Hassani brothers have stunned the world with an amazing invention to the modern word that is a blue-octopus like drone that is being successfully used to detect and destroy land mines that has been the very dangerous source of the terrorists to do the killings and spread terror.

Now based in the Netherlands have created this low cost drone to help not only the Afghanis, but the people living across the globe as these terrorist activities have been polluting the whole world for a long time.

It is not their first time, the brothers in 2013 created a giant ball shaped like tool which they named as “Mine Kafon” which on its way, in the wind helps tripping the land mines. But their latest drone is the combination of a 3D printing, drone technology and robotics.

Construction and Composition of Mine Kafon

Kafon is made up of a plastic casing that contains six hands with rotors that help it creating a lift and is 4.5 kilograms in weight. The drone also consists of software, hardware, global positioning systems and batteries that help it fly for a long time without any source of charging.

There is a robotic arm hinged in the casing which, when a mine is detected opens up and closed to do the tripping phenomenon automatically. There are some pincers that contain metal detectors or an explosive charge that can be used to destroy a mine.

The device also contains a GPS system so that it can be tracked via computer.

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