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Heart Disease: Symptoms, Prevention and Treatments

heart disease
<style=”text-align: justify;”>As obviously it is known that the main job of the heart is to get the blood to all parts of the body, so the main root of the heart disease is when this blood flow is blocked and cannot reach to the other organs due to various reasons.

According to the Mayo clinic’s description and awareness report, Heart disease has a long list of the conditions that include the (arrhythmias) which is the problem with the heart rhythm, some blood vessel diseases like the coronary artery disease, and some congenital heart defects as well.

Types and Symptoms of Heart Disease

According to the CDC, the most common type of the heart disease is the Coronary disease in the United States of America. It results due to the reason when the cholesterol starts to build up in the arteries and it is known as the Plaque. This results in the condition that is known as the atherosclerosis in which the path gets narrowed through which the blood has to flow.

Another heart disorder is the arrhythmia in which the heartbeat gets irregular, sometime the heart beats too fast and at times it beats too slowly. The symptoms of heart disease are as follows:

  • Discomfort or the chest pain
  • Slow heartbeat
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Dizziness, etc.

Tests and Diagnosis of Heart disease

There are a total of five symptoms that can tell that the person is having a possible heart attack, these five symptoms include:

  • Pain in the shoulders or arms.
  • Pain in the neck, jaw or back.
  • Weakness or lightheadedness.
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain.

Multiple tests, checking the patient’s family background and knowing about his past play an important role in the diagnosing process of the patient.

Prevention from the Heart Disease

There are quite some of the treatments that can be done before getting suffered from the heart disease and that is, the prevention process by getting your cholesterol to a lower level. This can be done using certain medications.

Statins have been named as the best medicines that can help improve the cholesterol level by the FDA. There are two types of the Cholesterol, LDL and HDL. The Statins helps in the slow production of cholesterol by the liver and also helps to remove the LDL cholesterol from the bloodstream by speeding up the removal.

Treatment of Heart Disease

To treat the heart disease, surgical options can also be adopted. According to the NIH, Coronary angioplasty is being adopted to treat the heart diseases on over 1 million Americans every year. In this process, a balloon is inflated after threading into the blood vessel that is affected, that pushes the plaque to the sides of the vessels making the blood stoppage unblocked.

These heart diseases are one of the biggest causes in the deaths every year globally, if you or any of your close one feel the symptoms that are mentioned above, must go to the doctor immediately, or in case of emergency, call the 911. Life is Important.

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