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Hummingbird Malware: Affecting Millions of Android Users

Hummingbird Malware

The hummingbird is a type of malware, which is basically a rootkit. It simply gets deep into your mobile operating system and it gives total control to other controllers.

In other words, it is software through which your device is being controlled by someone else. It basically behaves like a remote control through which the creator of the software has authority to click on the adverts and generate money.

These fake clicks are being generated in millions of Smartphones. According to an estimate, it has infected almost 10 million smartphones. It is further used to install fake versions of popular applications in order to spy or browsing on the cell phones. Simply, it’s making your android mobile phone vulnerable.

The malware is generating revenue of around $300,000.00 per month, which is too huge amount of money generated through remotely controlling. The malware was identified by two security companies which are Checkpoint and Lookout. According to them, their main targets are China, India and Philippines.

According to Kristy Edwards, the director at Lookout said that this malware remains in mobile phone even if you perform a factory reset.

This malware is basically getting installed on older versions of android operating system such as KitKat and Jelly Bean. The latest one is Marshmallow.

The older versions are having a lot of technical problems with them and Google has been asking its users to switch to the new update and upgrade their Smartphones regularly. Those who don’t, they face these kind of problems.

Google Developers also said that they had been aware about this malware for a long time and they are constantly improving their system to detect this malware and they block installations of infected apps in order to keep their users safe.  They also added that they removed so many bugs in the latest update of the android operating system.

According to a report by the BBC, 270 bugs were removed in last security update by Google and apart from these, 108 vulnerabilities also removed in this update. Malware like hummingbird are very rare and it’s quite hard for users to get rid of it.

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