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Imran Khan Elected as the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan

Imran Khan
Imran Khan taking oath as Prime Minister of Pakistan

Imran KHAN is elected as the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan on Friday during the special session of the Lower House.

The decision became possible when a majority of the national assembly members voted in favor of Imran Khan, the chairperson of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

The session’s proceedings took place under the chairmanship of National Assembly speaker Asad Qaiser. The country’s president election for the next five years term was commenced between Imran Khan, whose supporters were gathered in Lobby A and Shahbaz Sharief whose supporters gathered in Lobby B.

Imran Khan won 176 Votes in National Assembly, while his rival Shahbaz Sharief scored only 96 votes. The Prime Minister electing process was an open ballot voting process. The voters told the elected official about their votes, and then made their way to the lobbies assigned to each of the candidates.

After the decision was announced PML N leaders protested against the National Assembly’s decision.

PML –N’s political leaders and officials present in the Parliament House participated in the preceding wearing the black armbands.

Moreover, an unnecessary uproar and disturbance were also observed near the Public Gallery, when security officials banned the journalist from entering the parliament.

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