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Iran Destroyed Satellites Dishes

Iran destroyed 100,000 satellite dishes
A website reported that Iran destroyed 100,000 satellite dishes and receivers, as authority said that heavy crack down will be done because these devices morally damaging.

The process of destroying dishes was held in existence of the head of Iran’s Basij military force, General Muhammad Raza Naghdi. According to Basij News he said that these satellite channels have been a reason of diverting the culture and society’s moral ethics. He added that these televisions channels achievement are to increase divorce and insecurity in society.

He further added that round about one million Iranians handed over satellite dishes to the authorities themselves. According to Iran’s law, a fine is imposed up to $2800 equivalent to 2500 Euros for those who distribute, use or repair these satellite dishes or equipment related to it.

Culture Minister of Iran, Ali Jannati said that Iranian police raid and confiscate satellite dishes from rooftops regularly. He said that law should be reformed as its necessary because use of satellite is prohibited and still people are using it. He further added almost 70 percent Iranians are violating this law by owning dishes.

Naghdi also criticized Jannati and said that the one who’s holding charge of cultural affairs should be loyal with public. He added that these not only exhaust families’ foundation, but also disturbs children’s education and children under the influence of satellite have improper behavior.

There are number of Iranian foreign-based satellite channels broadcasting news, films and entertainment, but the channels are being criticized by Conservatives for dishonoring Islamic values and Iranian culture.

However, not everyone from Iran supports this ban. President Hassan Rouhani whose government would be ending in June 2017, he spoke against the ban and he said that the prohibition on satellite dishes is not important as it’s a bad act.

A woman aged 60 told to the Los Angeles Times that watching soap operas is not against Islam, young generation can learn a lot of things from them. Whereas, 30 years Nader from Tehran said that raids increased in the month of Ramadan as Ramadan is a reminder for people to be strict and tough.

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