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Iraqi Airbase Cleared From ISIS Militants

Iraqi Airbase Cleared From ISIS Militants

ISIS, the violent terrorist organization has been unleashing extreme terror throughout the world from the last few years, they are spreading fast and becoming dangerous day by day, had it been Saudi Arabian blasts, had it been Turkish Airport attacks or the Paris attack, there was only one name behind all these disasters, ISIS.

Iraq is known to be the base of the organization and their headquarters as well. They have captured many Iraqi’s important cities and places. One of the most important of which was the Iraqi air base near Mosul, which is known to be the second largest city of Iraq has been cleared on Saturday as being confirmed by Haider al-Abadi, the Iraqi Prime minister.

Iraqi military was assisted by the U.S air force during the completion of this important mission.

Sabah Nouri, the spokesman for the Iraqi counter terrorism unit on Iraqi TV channel al-Iraqiya confirmed that 38 ISIS militants were killed during the operation. He also added that the security forces have demolished four trucks that were carrying heavy machine guns and around 100 disastrous explosive devices as well.

Important Al-Qayyara air base under the process now:

The counter terrorism forces along with the Iraqi military is now busy in sweeping Al-Qayyara air base, that is another very important place and is one of the biggest air base of Iraq and can be used in further missions against the ISIS.

Capturing the base will be a major breakthrough for the forces against these ISIS militants. It has been noted that the Iraqi forces has now continuously being gaining control over ISIS as a week later another captured place Falluja was freed too.

Prime minister al-Abadi addressing to the people of the historical city of Nineveh informed them to get ready for the liberation of their places and assured them that the forces will clear the areas like they destroyed the enemy’s back in Falluja.

The clearance operation to liberate Mosul from the terrorists was under process from the last few months. The Iraqi forces were backed by the U.S and the Kurdish forces.

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