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Italy Train Collision

Italy Train Collision

Two trains carrying four carriages each collide at about 11:30 am in the region of Puglia. The crash happened on the same track between the towns of Corato and Andria, about 15 kilometers south of the Adriatic Sea.

The crash leads to the death of 12 people and many people injured. Ambulances and firefighters reached the scene and trying to rescue the effects. Firefighters are still in search of locating bodies and survivors.

The captain of the Andria fire bridge said that carriages are completely crushed and emergency workers are pulling people out of the train.

According to the spokesman of the fire bridge, he said that they succeeded to save a young boy and the rescue operation is quite difficult to run as it’s far away from the town. The injured are rescued to hospitals by helicopter. Some of the carriages are totally crumbled and rescuers are trying to extract people from metal.

It’s also suggested that the crash may have been caused by “human error”. It was asked to one of trains to wait for the green light before heading towards single track. However, there has not been any immediate reason for collision.

Italian Prime Minister Renzi also said that this is a moment for tears. He also added that they won’t stop until they get a clear explanation about the incident.

The mayor from the local town of Corato also said that it’s a disaster and seems to be an airplane crash. Local authorities also asked doctors and medics to help the injured in the remote area through social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

According to a reporter – the area is quite far away and its access is not easy as nearest highway is miles away.

Around 200 people use this track daily on around 200 trains managed by Ferrotramviaria, a private Italian rail company. The last train crash in Italy took place in 2009, when a train derailed in Viareggio, in the center of country, affecting more than 30 people who lost their lives in the fire.

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