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Khan Hints PM House Transformation

PM House Islamabad

Will Imran Khan, the expected Prime Minister of Pakistan, fulfill his promise?

Imran Khan, the Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, has vowed to transform the PM House after taking oath as the new Prime Minister of Pakistan.

He, Imran Khan, showed a strong feeling to open the PM House as well as the Governor Houses for the public and they might be turned into something, like a University, Library or something like that. He said, “I’ll reside in the Speaker House, instead of living a lavish life in the Prime Minister House”.

This should be kept in mind that the Governor Houses in all four provinces are located in the highly expensive areas. If they are turned into some commercial or educational facilities, then it could really prove fruitful for the country that is already facing immense foreign debt.

According to a report, more than 881 million Pakistani rupees were allocated for the PM house for the 2015-16 financial year. Out of it, 599 million were allocated to the employee-related expenses. The total figure breaks down as:

  • 229 million for employee salaries
  • 110 million for officer salaries
  • 370 million in allowances
  • 125 million for the operating expenses
  • 75 million for grants, written-off loans and subsidies

The question is that, keeping in mind the security situation and other factors, will Khan be able to fulfill his promise?

In fact, Khan needs to set this example in all departments. If he is able to do so, then he will definitely get the trust of the entire nation as the nation would most probably start to feel that the national reserves are in the honest and safe hands.

If this happens, then Imran Khan will set the new tradition in the history of Pakistan politics and must be warmly welcomed by the entire nation.

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