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Qalanders Join Hands with Thunders, an Epic Combo!

Lahore Qalanders
Pakistan organized their inaugural T20 edition league the Pakistan Super League (PSL) back in February 2016 very successfully in the United Arab Emirates.

The event started on the 4th of the February ends well with Islamabad United crowned as the champions by beating Quetta Gladiators who were the top team till the finals on 23rd February 2016.

Talking of the top teams, one team that does not become the top team by its performances, but it won hearts all around the world and that was the Lahore Qalanders that had a huge fan following throughout the world.

Lahore Qalanders had one of the best T20 players in their side like Umar Akmal, Dwayne Bravo and probably the best t20 player the world boss, Chris Gayle, but despite having a good, decent team, the team did not end up well by becoming the only team that got eliminated in the eliminators.

Looking for a big changeup for the second edition of the league, Lahore Qalanders’ CEO Atif Rana has now announced that his franchise has signed a very effective and efficient contract with the current champion and top Australian t20 league, BBL’s Sydney Thunders.

Rana confirmed that signing the contract means that the two will be allowed to use each other’s training staff, academic facilities and the best of them are the emerging players.

Signing the contract will help the emerging Qalanders to use the Thunder’s facilities in the Australia.

The best thing that excites the fans most is that the CEO Atif Rana has also stated that the two exciting franchises will compete in two t20 matches as well ahead of the second edition of the Pakistan Super League.

Atif Rana added that the location of these two matches to be played between the sides will be in Lahore and in Dubai. Rana also said that the emerging players that are going to compete in the matches do not need any nationalities from their nations, they just have to come to Qalanders and they will get a chance.

Fans from all over the world are waiting harshly for these two sides to be competing, especially the Pakistani fans and Lahore fans who want these matches to come to Lahore.

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