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Lyme Disease: Symptoms and Treatment

lyme disease symptom

Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection spread through a deer tick. It’s known as deer tick because it’s mostly found on deer. The disease has many biological names as per different locations. The places where you can easily get these diseases are grassy areas. This disease is not transmitted from any affected person to another. If you have been bitten by a tick, it will affect your nervous system, heart, joints and skin. As this disease has some phases, in the start it begins with a ring of redness which then keeps on expanding.

Most patients are diagnosed quickly as they report earlier and they are treated successfully with the antibiotics. But, if patients keep on delaying it, then treatment gets worst as symptoms are advanced. The Lyme disease can easily be prevented by methods such as using insect repellants, applying pesticides. Be careful ticks can also transmit other disease than Lyme Disease also. It has been reported from all over the world including developed countries such as US, Russia, China, Japan and Australia.

Symptoms of Lyme Disease

The basic symptoms of Lyme disease are a rash, which looks like a bull’s eye and it also includes nausea and vomiting in symptoms. In 70 to 80 percent cases, the disease is due to bite of a tick. As the tick bite, it turns body into red in color where it was bitten and starts to spread in a circular pattern or within a ring. This rash may appear anywhere on your body. The basic signs of disease include fever, fatigue, headache and muscle aches.

The advanced symptoms of this disease are joint pain in the knees, severe headaches during the night and the change in heart beat and rhythm of the heart are also advanced symptoms.

Some people also experience chronic symptoms of Lyme disease, even after taking antibiotics, those include muscle aches and short term memory loss. Some people also experience numbness, shooting pains, stiff neck, tingling and chills. It may also result in eye inflammation and liver inflammation causing hepatitis.

Treatment of Lyme Disease

If a tick remains in your body for more time, then there are chances of its more transmission. Lyme disease takes place if the tick has been attached to your body for more than two days and if it’s less then it won’t affect you more.

Patients having Lyme disease in them recover very rapidly after being treated with the right antibiotic. It helps them recover in early stages. For children, it’s recommended to have a course of 14-21 days and adult should have a course of 14-28 days.

It’s always better to consult your doctor even if all symptoms of the disease disappear, this does not mean that disease has ended up in your body. The remaining which is left untreated can spread to other parts of the body can affect them also causing many other severe diseases in your body.

Some patients diagnose themselves on the last stages, when symptoms are hard to catch and makes your living difficult as it won’t help you stay healthy.

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