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Massive IS Bomb Attack Kills 44

IS Bomb Attack

A massive IS Bomb Attack in Qamishli, a city of Syria in which 44 people died and leaving many injured behind.

The bomb took place in the Kurdish majority city. This IS bomb attack has been the largest and deadliest attack since Syria’s conflict in March 2011. However, Islamic State group claimed this attack.

According to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that 48 people died in which women and children also lost their lives. The Kurdish officials said that the attack was done by a suicide bomber who carried explosives on the truck.

The blast was said to be a double blast, but later on officials said that the bomb was caused due to nearby fuel container, which lead to second explosion.

An AFP journalist saw these scenes and describes that cars were burning, a man was running along the streets who was full of blood and he was gripping the arm of a boy whose face was full red due to blood and grey due to dust. While they passed by a woman she was crying for help because her clothes were torn.

Screaming of children was heard as smoke was rising from small fires among the waste. Civilians and security forces worked together to carry the dead bodies and injured away from the destroyed buildings.

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