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Mobilink and Warid Merged

Mobilink and Warid

For the first time, two huge telecommunication companies Mobilink and Warid merged into one company last year. After the combination, the merger will be having the largest number of subscribers in the country.

After the announcement both companies are busy in completing all the documentations including legal formalities and approvals from higher authorities.

Mobilink is a largest network providing 2G and 3G services in the country, now along with Warid’s 4G service, its planning to be Pakistan’s fastest 4G provider.

According to the CEO of Vimplecom he said that the merger will be the leading provider of 2G, 3G and Long Term Evolution services in whole Pakistan, providing higher voice and data coverage quality with faster download service and a huge range of products. He added that in areas where the network is not available, they will make 3G and 4G available for the customers.

Vimplecom has made a contract with Ericsson of one billion dollars to recondition the technology and hardware. It also claims to give premium services to its customers.

 The one benefit of this merging to customers will be that if they can’t find any Mobilink Customer Service Center in their area, they can also go to the Warid Customer Service Centre also. Similarly, the Mobilink customers can charge their sims using Warid’s card and vice versa.

On the other side, Mobilink isnot equipped with 4G services, but Warid provides 4G services. However, Mobilink has wider coverage than Warid, as Warid signal coverage is weaker than Mobilink. Both customers can get benefit of 4G service under new merger.

The merger is also claiming to provide customer network coverage from urban to sub-urban and rural areas where access is difficult and it has also decided to overcome the gaps in communication.

It is also working on quick and fast SMS delivery service for customers, as this is the basic and popular facility among mobile phone users. The merger is also working on the online banking service on mobile as many people complain about banking services in Pakistan and making it user friendly for customers and which is easy to operate.

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