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Monsoon Making Lives Dangerous


As monsoon is near, doctors are advising the general public to adopt measures to reduce the chances of diseases to be transported by mosquitoes and flies.

A well renowned ENT surgeon Dr. Qaisar Sajjad, while talking to Pakistan Television Network said that the major reason behind this spreading of disease by mosquitoes is due to the stagnant water on roads, open main holes and garbage in the streets.

As he added, the rainy season is the best time for germs and bacteria to breed from this, a lot of people gets affected. The Health Department has constantly been asking general public not to let water stand in their houses or around their houses. As Malaria and Dengue are caused by mosquitoes and people should be careful about this.

As chest specialist Dr. Rao advised the general public to wear full sleeved clothes, use nets while sleeping and use mosquito repellants in order to keep mosquitoes away. He also added that people should have a nutritious diet and also take proper care that their children also have a healthy diet in this rainy season.

Another well renowned physician, Dr. Hassan said that the monsoon is a time when dirty water gets mixed with sewage and soil leading to many infections. He also added that people should stick to bottled mineral water or drink safe water by boiling it to protect against germs and diseases in this rainy season.

According to doctors, the water logging on roads and streets is the main reason of these diseases and measures should be taken to keep these diseases away.

Rain showers make the weather pleasant, but also increase many allergic problems and it is suggested to people that they should stay indoors. He also added that many diseases such as Hepatitis A and E, Typhoid and Measles are filed in rainy season due to unhygienic conditions.

Further, he added that the authorities should take measures to overcome these diseases and run campaigns in order to spread awareness among the general public about these diseases and their symptoms.

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