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Monsoon Rainfall in Pakistan

Monsoon Rainfall

The series of monsoon has started in different areas of the country. Due to heavy rainfall, the dale areas of Lahore are inundated, however, it has caused many in casualties in which three children along five people died and five got injured due to caving in of walls and roofs.

The roads started giving scene of the ponds. According to Sanda Police Station, the wall of Mehboob’s farmhouse has fallen on three children in Shibli Town. The children were taken to the hospital for first aid but they could bear injuries and lost their lives while rescuing towards the hospital.

The children’s names are Afaq, Hamza and Umar. Police has filed an FIR against the owner of a farmhouse in the presence of Afaq’s father, however the criminal has not been caught up yet. In the limit of Ichhra Police Station, the roof of a house caved in causing one passed away and one injured. The deceased Yusuf was a tailor.

Due to rainfall, 86 feeders of LESCO in the town also tripped away, by which there was no electricity supply in many areas. CM Punjab Mian Shehbaz Sharif shared his sad feelings upon the incident of in casualties.

In Gujranwala, the rain water started entering the local’s residence and people started protesting WASA. The rainfall was recorded 6-40 mm in Lahore during the night between Saturday and Sunday.

Ministry of Forecast has stated that there are more chances of heavy rainfall in Lahore and other cities of Punjab in the very next 24 hours. At some places, it will be heavy rainfall and at some it would be minor rainfall in the upcoming three days.

Some graves have been affected due to heavy rainfall. In Kamoke, the railways were affected due to heavy rainfall and it stuck on the track for 5 hours. The traffic going towards Sialkot was extremely blocked. Later, a new engine was driven from Lahore towards Kamoke at round about 4 pm.

Other than this, all the underpasses, streets and District Headquarters Hospital and many other Govt. offices were flooded due to heavy rainfall and the public has to face many problems.

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