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Motorola Smartphones: The Era of Success towards Its End!


Motorola Company is credited as a pioneer in mobile phone industry. Unfortunately, there is a bad news for all of this mobile phone brand lovers. This famous name in the mobile phone industry is going away!

In the year of 2014, Lenovo bought the famous Motorola’s phone business from the Google. Now, Lenovo is about to phase out the brand  for their mobile phones. A decade ago, the brand was recognized as the leading mobile phone brand.

With the emergence of many new Smartphone brands in the recent era, Moto really struggled to compete with the newer brands. After splitting into different companies, the brand was acquired by the Google in the year 2012.

Right after two years, Google decided to sell the business to Lenovo. According to a representative of the Motorola brand, “Lenovo will still be using “Motorola Mobility” name for the phone division of the company. But, the branding of wearable devices and phones will be shifted to “Moto” and “Vibe.”

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