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Firing in Germany’s Shopping Centre

Fire in Germany’s Shopping Centre

A firing scene was reported in Olympia shopping mall in Munich, Germany. During this many people died and many injured.

According to German Police, only 9 people passed away where as a German magazine reported death of 15 people. Police said that the terrorist ran away after killing people. The place where the firing was done it was near to the Olympic Stadium.

According to police, there was more than one terrorist in this incident who fired in shopping mall and metro station and also fired at three other places. This shopping mall is near to the stadium where many Palestinians kidnapped Israeli Army and many Jews were killed.

According to a media, one terrorist was running while firing towards shopping mall which is near to the stadium. According to Police, this is a terrorist act and in return Police did heavy operation. Emergency cars were at the spot. Police took control of the shopping mall and had a search operation, however, any group also have accepted this act.

After this army was also called and started searching for the terrorist. The public have been asked to stay at their homes. Other than this, bus service, metro and street car service were also closed by police.

According to initial reports, the process of firing started from a fast food restaurant known as McDonalds. Police also warned general public not to go towards shopping mall and the nearby metro station.  According to report of media, the Police stated that the attacker was not Muslim as any sign has not been found yet.

According to one witness, he said that he saw terrorist firing towards a café situated down the shopping mall and subway station. The staff of the shopping mall hided in safe places. Number of injuries have taken place as a majority was of women and children.

English people were not allowed to go towards the area after the firing. American president Barrack Obama also called and said that US would be supporting them. After this incident, security of Belgium and France has also been increased and was alerted.

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