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Orlando Shooting: Killed 53 and Wounded More than 50 People

Orlando Shooting
Police officers are directing away the family members from the shooting at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Fla., on Sunday.

Omar Mateen, the club attacker started shooting about 2 am in Pulse Club with an assault rifle and a pistol loaded with him.

At least 320 people were present in the club. He killed 53 people and wounded more than 50 people in the shooting. As there can be an increase in dead poll because many injured has been taken to hospital.

Omer Mateen
Omer Mateen: The Killer

The club administration also posted a status on their Facebook Page asking people to leave the club and run as fast as they can. The attacker kept people trapped for 3 hours, and then the police came into action and planned to take over him.

At sharp 5, police got into the building and had a blast, with a purpose to divert attacker’s attention. However, the police succeeded in killing him in which one policeman got a little bit injured.

Mateen’s father added that he does not know why his son did this act in the holy month of Ramadan. He also added that the fate of the people is not in the human’s hand.

According to some witness, he heard 40 – 50 fires and people started running here and there. He further added many dead bodies were there in the parking lot and it was presenting a scene of a horror movie.

An Islamic terrorism group ISIS accepts the responsibility for this act and mentioned that they killed 100 people.

World leaders condemn this attack in the strongest terms. The FBI states that this attack was on all of us.

President Barrack Obama shared condolences with families of victims. The US flag placed on White House building remained down due to this incident.

Trump also gave his remarks and called this act an Islamic terrorism before any official confirmation, he also asked Obama to step down as Obama did not mention the word ‘Islamic terrorism’ in his remarks.

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