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PCB Has Banned Nasir Jamshed for Ten Years for Spot Fixing

Nasir Jamshed
Nasir Jamshed Suffering a 10 Years Ban

Former Pakistan’s Cricket batsman and opener Nasir Jamshed has been banned by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for ten years.

The decision is imposed by PCB Anti-Corruption tribunal after the intricate investigation that led to prove Nasir Jamsheed is found guilty in spot-fixing row during The Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2016-17 series.

During the ban period, Jamsheed will not be allowed to take part in any form of cricket on local or international platforms. Jamsheed has been banned from the cricket for the second time in last two years.

28 years old has been banned by the PCB for the second time. Earlier, he was banned for one year by PCB for being found guilty by anti-corruption tribunal for finding him guilty in non-cooperation in 2017 PSL spot-fixing case. Jamsheds one year ban ended in April 2018.

His last appearance in international cricket was in March 2015 in an ODI series played against the United Arab Emirates. He lastly appeared in Domestic cricket in December 2016.

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