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PM Nawaz offers Medical aid for the injured Kashmiris

injured Kashmiris
As a result of the Indian Army assault being continued for a month now almost, that killed and injured many innocent Kashmiris in India-held Kashmir, PM Nawaz said that his nation will like to provide medical facilities and treatments.

Pakistani Prime Minister, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Saturday, made an important statement of expressing his views to the international community to get themselves allowed by India to arrange and provide medical help for the injured Kashmiris due to the ongoing violence in that part of the world.

Prime Minister said that his nation will like to provide medical facilities and treatments to those who are injured as a result of deadly riots especially those who became victims of the deadly pellet guns.

Nawaz Sharif added that Pakistan wants to give best possible medical facilities and treatments available in the world to these wounded innocent Kashmiris as soon as possible.

The offer comes just after few days after the verbal war that erupted in between the Pakistani home minister and his Indian counterpart during the SAARC Conference held in Islamabad that made the Indian minister leave the summit midway.

The prime minister said that the violent assault against the unarmed people is a huge injustice to the humanity which has forced his nation to take this step to provide human resources to the wounded.

PM Nawaz Sharif also noted that the doctors and hospitals in Kashmir that are treating these victims are continuously being visited by the Indian armed forces and are being stopped to provide proper health care facilities which is an even more gruesome to the humanity.

The PM Nawaz stated that in the state of being blinded leaves them and their families under huge consequences, even then some of them are not getting proper treatments and they may not be able to get to see the light again.

Another statement confirms that the PM has asked the foreign ministry to summon the international community of humanitarian organization to get their support of putting pressure on India to allow them to arrange and provide necessary health care for the wounded.

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