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PMLN’s Victory in AJK Elections

PMLN Victory in AJK Elections

Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif addressed to the gathering at University Ground and thanked the people of Azad Jammu and Kashmir for supporting him and his party by giving them 32 seats out of 41 of the Legislative Assembly through fair elections under supervision of Pakistan Army.

Prime Minister arrived Muzaffarabad after hearing about his victory in elections. Earlier, he was in Islamabad after he got his open heart surgery from London, United Kingdom.

He said that people of Azad Kashmir have defeated the mainstream leader of the opposition parties. He also laughed upon antigovernment movements to be run by Imran Khan as he announced. The PM added that everyone knows the scope of that movement.

He vowed in public to bring a revolution of development, announcing that there will be a network of motorways and highways. He also said that huge sum of money will be spent on education and health services in Azad Kashmir.

He added that opposition parties criticized him a lot during election campaigns in Azad Kashmir but he did not respond to anyone and nor they ran a proper campaign but still he got enough support. He said that the performance does sits in but gives its result back in politics.

Daughter of PM, Mariyum Nawaz got excited over the results of AJK elections. She said that every time they try to defeat Nawaz, but he came up stronger. She added that opponents tried to use slogans such as “Modi kaYaar” and “Business in India” but it does not put any effect on their voters and slogans were found useless.

CM Punajb Shehbaz Sharif also thanked the people of AJK for voting for PML-N and having trust in them. He said that people of Kashmir had rejected the negative politics by their voting power.

PTI chairman Imran Khan accepted the results of AJK elections and congratulated them on twitter.

PML-N won 31 seats while Pakistan People Party got 3 seats and PTI achieved 2 seats. PTI contested in AJK elections for the first time, but had to face a big defeat.

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