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Pokémon Go

pokemon go

Everything developed either has some advantages or some disadvantages. Similarly, people are busy in playing the game and become victims of robberies.

This game has been developed for Nintendo by Niantic Incorporation. The plot of the game is the player has to go out and search for the Pokémon in areas nearby him. They search for Pokémon in their office, restaurants and many other places virtually.

This free application has been mostly downloaded from Apple’s App Store, by which seven million gamers are searching for Pokémon. But players searching for Pokémon are being targeted by robbers.

According to Police, a group of students was playing the game outside their university and they got robbed by an armed suspect on Tuesday night. However, a gunman also robbed two men while they were playing in the park on Sunday night in the US.

A group of friends was searching for the Pokémon in the streets and fireworks were thrown at them from an SUV, but it resulted in no injury. The game has also been blamed in US for many car accidents as according to a report it’s stated that the car stuck in a tree while the driver was playing the game.

However, law enforcement forces of US are also taking interest in this game. Recently, some people have been playing game in the street and a patrol officer joined them. The picture was later posted on Twitter and was liked 4000 times.

However, this game is not available in China yet, as they stated that it is a kind of virus known as a Trojan horse in which US and Japan are trying to get over the Chinese bases. The Chinese blogger strictly asked their public not to install it.

As they claim that the game totally works with Google Maps, and it would ask players to search for Pokémon where users can’t go. And later a blogger from China also said that when war would declare then Japan and US can easily target their missiles and China would be destroyed in this Japanese-American game. Yet, for this reason the game has not been released in the biggest and online gaming market of the world.

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