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PM Imran Khan First Speech: New Reforms Will Be Introduced

Imran Khan
Imran Khan Addressing Nation (File Photo)

Imran khan has been elected as the 22nd Prime minister of Pakistan. Imran Khan took his oath as Prime Minister on Saturday 18th August 2018.

The whole of the Pakistani nation is full with delight and zeal on electing a common person as their prime minister. Imran Khan made his first televised speech as the prime minister of Pakistan on Sunday 19th August 2018.

Imran Khan in his speech announced various reforms that target corruption, education and state development in his speech. He said his focus will be on nation’s welfare and stability. Khan addressed last for more than an hour and all was rotational between the state’s welfare and prosperity.

Imran Khan said that the country is under severe economic crisis. The country is in the economic burden that was never so bad in the history. The country debt has increased from 600 billion rupees to 28000 billion rupees, during the last ten years. The situation is so pathetic that Pakistan has to borrow 2 billion dollars every month to pay back the interest on the loan borrowed in the past years.

Imran Khan said that we need to reduce the expenses. Despite of being under such a huge economical pressure a lot is spent on luxury. Imran Khan said he will start the reduction of expense from his side. He said the Prime Minister House is scattered on 1100 kanal covered area and 524 servants are at the service of prime mister house.

The prime minister’s house would be converted into a research university where foreign students and researchers will come to assist our new generation in science and technology.

The prime minister will be residing in the military secretary house that has only three rooms. Eighty vehicles that were previously used by the Prime Ministers will be reduced to 2 vehicles. The former prime ministers incurred 650 million rupees on foreign tours that would also be reduced.

Prime Minister said that high powered tasks would be deigned to bring back the country’s looted money. Bringing reform in FBR would be his first priority. He would work in collaboration with the interior ministry to keep a check on the money laundry cases. He would take steps to increase the export.

I would fight against the corrupt people. Either the corrupt will survive or will the country, he said. Instead of seeking foreign loans, his Governor would mobilize local resources.

He said in a population of 200 million only eight hundred thousand people are tax payers and we will have to make sacrifices to help the country stand on its own feet. Instead of getting loan from foreign countries, the governor would work to mobilize local resources.

Prime Minister also said he will call for the progressive Tax System, a tax system that would spend the collected amount on the nation’s need such as on the development of malnourished system, health of women, providing justice to sexual abuse, fighting against the climate change and a lot more.

The Prime minister also advised judiciary to bring reforms in justice. He said the trial should not exceed beyond one year. He said that the new law and order reforms in Punjab would be reformed. Nasir Durrani will be assigned an important position in Punjab Police to bring reforms in Punjab Police.

The new reforms in the Civil Services will be introduced. No political interference will be tolerated in civil services. New reforms will be introduced in public schools that will enable every student to get the quality education.

A task force will be introduced to improve the health condition in government hospitals. Health insurance cards will be introduced throughout the country so that people holding the card can get medical treatment in five hundred and fifty thousand rupees annually.

Diamer Basha dam will be constructed at any cost and reforms will be made to address the issue of water shortage in the country by conserving the water.

Prime Minister further said that condition in Karachi will be improvised. He also said that efforts would be made to improve the condition in Baluchistan tribal areas and also to eliminate the estrangement in Baluchistan.

He said extra care would be made for street children, widows, deprived and exploited a segment of societies to make Pakistan a complete welfare state.

Prime Minister said Pakistan needs to have good relations with all of the neighboring countries. He said Pakistan is a peace loving country and Pakistan cannot reach the height of development without peace and security.

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