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Qurram and Komal sing Desaan Da Raja

International superstar Qurram Hussain from Josh – The Band and the talented Komal Rizvi collaborated for the first time to bring you a super amazing take of weddings’ classic Desaan Da Raja.

The track originally sung by Naseem Begum for the movie “Kartar Singh” in 1959, still have the same theme, but it has new lyrics which made the song more joyous.

The song was released on Eid-ul-Fitr nationwide and it had one million views on Facebook only by music lovers. The video is truly about Pakistani culture, art and history.

When Qurram was asked about his experience and journey about this song, he said that he grew up listening to this song and he would not have asked for a better song to introduce his solo venture. He added that “Cornetto PopRock” was a special project for him.

He further added that this song is mostly heard at weddings but its melody is resonating with all his life. And when he got the opportunity to sing with Komal Rizvi, he thought that this would be the best song to collaborate on.

On asking Komal about her feelings on this song, she said that she’s very much excited from the moment Quraam and she decided to re do this classical song till its ending moment. She said as she wrote the lyrics of her part, she was surprised to realize how easily they flow. She further added that the nation enjoys this song with same the love as it’s produced.

The song is directed by Amaan Ahmed from Uncut Studios. It shows the true taste of Pakistani streets. Qurram can be seen rolling in the markets of Karachi where he was originally from, before shifting to Canada. Komal is seen dancing around a bus.

This song “Desaan Da Raja” has gone viral as popular Mehndi track and is being used as a fun and festive song throughout the nation.

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