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Rajnikanth’s new release “Kabali”


Rajnikanth, a South Indian actor, one of the highest paid actors among Asia, recently had his new release known as Kabali.

In this release, he plays a role of an aged gangster who battles against his enemies in order to save his family and business. The movie had been made on a budget of 1 billion rupees which is equivalent to $14,892,126 U.S. dollars.

Malaysia based company AirAsia is screening the films to the flyers travelling from Bengaluru to Chennai and Rajnikanth’s favorite food items will also be served to flyers. Fans have been waiting the whole day in order to get the tickets of the release, even in the last minute facing the harsh weather conditions.

The movie has been released in almost 5000 screens in India and 1000 screens in the United States. Banners of the actor have also been placed outside popular cinemas and theatres. It created much interest among his fans as his last release did not do well in box office. Some fans booked the tickets in bulks, however the movie has been released in many countries earlier.

In Kerala, it was released among 300 cinemas where many fans of Rajnikanth were present to watch his new release. In order to reduce the rush of fans, cinema authorities have started up showing number of shows.

A fan of Rajnikanth specially scheduled his work at the office, took permission and went to the cinema for his new release and he said that he was a bit disappointed about his last two releases but “Kabali” washed away all the disappointments.

A software engineer who has been appointed at the ticket booth said that this release of Rajni is beyond the expectations of his fans and it includes everything that his fans need to be satisfied. Even aged men and women were also in the queue to get the tickets of his favorite actor’s release.

A laborer said that he has been putting posters of his one and only actor Rajnikanth and he also made moves of his favorite actor.

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