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Ranger’s Operation in Larkana

Ranger’s Operation in Larkana

To get the situation of Sindh stable and to control the crime ratio, the Rangers are doing operation in all the cities of the province.

They have also done operations on many government official residences and also political leaders’ residence as they are working non-politically. However, they have been successful in arresting many suspects and getting masterminds behind them.

Recently, the Rangers did a grand operation in the city of Larkana and siege the house of the Interior Minister of Sindh, Sohail Anwar Sial and his brother Tariq Sial and tighten the security around the areas nearby. The front men of both brothers and former union officer along ten others were arrested from Dogri, an area of Larkana.

Till the day’s end, strict estrangement was noticed in Larkana. Whereas, spokesman of the Rangers said that the house of Interior Minister has not been sieged, only checking has been increased. Whereas, a large number of police is reported to arrive at the Sial House.

Later on, PML Q Leader’s Babu Sarwar Sial while addressing during a press conference he said that the son of Chief Justice of Sindh’s son Awais Shah was being kidnapped by Tariq Sial. He added that Tariq Sial has escaped from Larkana right now. He also added that Tariq Sial is “Uzair Baloch” of Larkana, he is running Larkana as Layari war gang. He also added that Sial Bros. has been involved in the illegal release of Asad Kharl.

He said Asad Kharl and Sial Bros are front men of Pakistan People Party’s high profile. Due to Asad Kharl there has been a conspiracy for a fight between Police and Rangers. He said that his nephew has been assassinated; now they are planning to kill him.

He also said that the Rangers went away last night. However, police vehicles were still there. He said that law enforcement forces cannot arrest Tariq Sial and Asad Kharl.

According to sources, Rangers guerillas in Larkana District Office in Tariq Sial’s office in Asad Kharl’s case. Whereas, security sources said that Rangers only investigated on different matters.

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