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Seat Belts, Air Bags Help Prevent Face Fractures

Seat Belts & Air Bags

According to a new study, it has been discovered that wearing a seat belt and having an airbag in car reduces chances of facial bones in car accidents.

Researchers said that people using these protective tools in their car are much likely to safe up to 18 to 53 percent than people not using these. And they also don’t get any facial fracture.

Studies from late 1980’s and early 2000 also found that wearing seat belts and air bags reduce chances of facial fracture, but a senior author said that many things have changed till that time.

Dr. Scott Chaiet, of the University Of Tennessee Health Science Center said that there have been many updates in air bag technology and seat belt. He also added that with changing of time, old cars are also detracting from the roads, as they have old technology in them.

Researchers also gathered information from the National Trauma Center from 2007 to 2012, to get updates on how much air bags and seat belt protected people’s face during accidents.

According to the report of JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery during that period 518,106 people were taken to trauma centers, but only 56,422 people had at least one facial fracture and mostly broken noses were common among these.

The people with facial fractures among these people 9 percent were using both air bags and seat belt, 6 percent were using air bags whereas 27 percent people used seat belt while driving.

And people having no protection from airbags and seat belt during accidents have to face more damage, as there will be more facial fractures.

Chaiet, who worked on the research while at the University of Wisconsin in Madison added that if you use both methods then chance of getting safe are much stronger. He said that people would use the seat belt and air bag or a combination of both is getting inspired from the results. He also said that his next step will be to prove the finding about this research.

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