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Shaheen Air Suspends Its Flight to Kuala Lumpur

Shaheen Air

Shaheen Air International announces to temporarily suspend all its flight operations to/from Kuala Lumpur, as they find flying bigger planes on this route is not commercially successful.

The airline authority only managed to run this operation for only about two and a half months on this specific route. It started its operation in the month of April and in July it has the last flight from Kuala Lumpur to Lahore airport.

According to a spokesman of Shaheen Air, he said that they were operating A320-200, which is 326 seat-plane which is a very big plane to be operated on this route. He further added that they will resume the operation on this route in the next four – five months after adding some new smaller planes till November- December in their fleet.

He also added that it’s not the right time to announce which particular plane they would be using for this route. However, he said that they would run a plane, which would take 150 – 160 passengers or 200 – 250 passengers.

He reported that other airlines are also running the planes on this route, but they are using smaller planes, he again added that viability will remain on the top.

According to sources, Shaheen Air was the first airline to operate direct flights to Malaysia. It carried two flights directly from Karachi to Kuala Lumpur every week and two direct flights from Lahore to Kuala Lumpur every week.

Some added that the airline has been rescheduled its flights due to shortage of passengers on the route and was not able to run the operation smoothly and Malaysian government also took notice of this rescheduling flights.

According to other sources, the airline got huge financial losses, as they have to carry dozens of passengers while coming from Kuala Lumpur in a big plane which can carry a lot of people.

However, now Shaheen Air is going to use these airplanes for Hajj operation this year and they would be increasing their fleet from 26 to 35 by December 2017 adding some new small planes. They also added that the airline flies 3.5 million passengers every year.

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