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Shahmir Amir, the World’s 3rd Ranked Hacker in Bugs Hunting

Shahmir Amir

Pakistan now has had a history of producing young technology specialists one after the other, Starting from the late Arfa Karim, who was the youngest Microsoft specialist to now Shahmir Amir, who has been ranked 3rd in most accomplished bugs hunting hacker in the world by a cyber security website, Dark Reading.

Also, California’s vulnerability disclosure company named as HackerOne has been ranked Shahmir Amir from Multan, Pakistan as the 11th best hacker in the world.

Apart from getting the fancy titles from the top companies Amir has been known to rake $150,000 from his exceptional work of reporting errors and bugs in a computer system or a program.

Amir has been known to work for almost 300 tech organizations in just the span of 2 years, including the major security equipped organizations like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and Microsoft as well.


Shahmir Amir a 21-year old hacker considers his curiosity with computers and technology the main purpose of his success, while giving an interview to ProPakistani he stated that he still remembers his Pentium three computer during his childhood who often had issues with it, and he always tried to repair it himself by just searching the techniques from the internet that later on helped his problem solving skills in technology.

It was just a matter of time when he started doing his work formally after a cyber security seminar conducted at his university after which he started to learn more about his field by online tools and formal research systems.

White Hacking, a legal type?

As per Amir it certainly is legal. He explained as a vulnerability researcher, his only part is to do a research and tell the management of the company where the issue is so that it can be resolved before getting fatal and he also gets paid for it generously from the companies.

Currently based in Lahore, Amir along with six individuals has his own cyber security setup with the name of “Cyphlon” under the leadership of Plan9 by Punjab Information Technology Board, and is also known to be invited to attend a DefCON by the HackerOne in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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