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Shooting Outside Florida Teen Party

Shooting Outside Florida Teen Party

While there was a party for young teenagers in Florida, shooting broke out in the parking lot of night club in which two were killed and 14 others wounded.

The third incident in the US, before this Orlando killing took place in which 49 people were killed in a gay club. The witnesses described that people scattered when firing started and were hiding in the apartment nearby.

A neighbor TatainNouhaioi told ABC News that It was a teen party and the kid he was holding was 14-year-old who got shot. He added then, he saw a girl who also got and she was almost 13. He further added that a daughter of a security guard also got shot.

Club Administration said that firing started when “Swimsuit Glow Party” was ending up and parents were taking their children back. They added that armed forces were present at both inside and outside the club.

They added that they are really sorry for all the happenings as they wanted to give teens best of theirs, as they thought this place is safe to have a good time.

The Police said that two teenagers were badly shot and a nearby and a vehicle was also shot. However, the area was cleared, but still some streets were closed.

They also gave a statement that scene is still active as investigators and crime scene officers are getting to know over the situation. Police is also searching the area to look for other people who may be involved in this club firing.

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