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Snapchat Introducing New “Memories Feature”

snapchat memories

Snapchat only allows you to upload photos and videos that had to be immediately uploaded and story ends in 24 hours from the slideshow and you cannot utilize it anymore.

A big change is coming out for the users of Snapchat, now there is an album named as “Memories” in the application. You can easily take the photos, save it and upload whenever you want as earlier the story could not be shared with your friends and you have to upload it immediately. You can utilize old photos and post them by any occasion or event.

You just need to swipe up from Camera to open Snapchat Memories. It would take less time searching and uploading your enjoyable moments by help of keywords.

Along with this, there’s a new feature in it. In that feature, you can share the story with your friends for more than one day by selecting it as “My Eyes” so it stays for more than one day and it won’t be shared with only the friend you want.

As Snapchat authority also stated that they would be rolling out “Memories” next month or so – they also said that it’s a big change for their service so they want everything is running smoothly. The Snapchat is coming closer and competing with mainstream messaging or photo services such as Facebook and Google.

Snapchat has been focusing towards advertising and sponsored contents as the company’s valuation grew to around $18 billion.

However, the users of Snapchat are increasing day by day. But according to e-marketer forecast the Snapchat won’t affect the usage of Facebook Messenger. Messenger will have a big lead in this segment.

According to Bloomberg report, Snapchat has 150 million daily users leaving Twitter behind which have 140 million daily users.

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