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How to Snooze Without Snoring – Useful Tips


Snoring, a problem that causes people to sleep alone in a room because no one wants to share a room with him due to the kinds of sound he makes while snoring doesn’t let other people sleep him.

Snoring on one hand is a sign that the person is having a good sleep and is very deep in it, on the other hand it also depicts that the person near him or in the room or in any extreme case, the people sleeping in the next room are having a bad dream.

It has been rather taken in a very funny way in our society, but in reality, it is not a comfortable thing for the people who cannot share a room with anyone. Here are some tips that can help you sleep without snoring:

A Tennis Ball may be of another Use

Try putting a tennis ball in the pocket of your shirt and then sew the pocket to the mid-back of the pajama you wear. This will help you in such a way that when you try to change the side, you will roll onto the tennis ball, which will not allow you to change the side without waking you up and you won’t snore. It may sound weird, but it will surely work.

Avoid the Dry Air

If you sleep in a room that is exposed to the dry air, then you may have a higher chance of snoring than the others. It happens because the dry air causes congestion by drying out the nasal membrane and the throat as well. Due to this, the air movement gets restricted and hence it causes the tissues to vibrate resulting in the snoring. Buy a humidifier, or change your room.

Lose Weight

If you are fat or overweight, then it also makes your chance of snoring higher than the others, it Is because of the fact that you may have some extra tissues in your throat. Due to this, you may trouble breathing and hence, snore. Try to lose the weight to solve the issue, one of the many reasons to lose weight though.

A better Height

You should raise the head of your bed to about 4 inches and then placing your head on such height won’t let your tongue fall back to block the throat and hence troubles the breathing. If you keep your head high while sleeping, it will open up the airways and stop the snoring.

Housecleaning also helps

Try to keep your house as clean as you can, it will rush out the pollen, animal dander, dust or any kind of the other unseen irritants that causes the congestion and block your throat and hence leads you to not snore during the sleep. Try to change the air filters on the regular basis as well.

Apart from all this, you may can take some anti-snoring pills. But, to take them, you must visit the doctor and ask for them and use it as prescribed by the doctor.

Rush the snoring and lets others sleep well as well.

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