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Solar Plane Lands in Egypt

Researchers have always been in search of something alternative. Now, they have decided to replace solar planes which are environmentally friendly and causing no harm to the atmosphere. These planes don’t need any kind of fuel and by this fuel can be saved in large quantity.

A solar plane known as Solar Impulse 2 which is a single seated plane started its journey from Abu Dhabi in March 2015 and it would be ending up here. Recently, it landed at Cairo airport at 7:10 am flying over the pyramids.

The creators of this project are Swiss aviators Andre Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard. Piccard reported Reuters that when he started the project his aim was to have a good relation between economy and environment.

He briefed about the plane that it flies without a single drop of fuel and it totally works with solar energy. It has round about 17000 solar cells in its wings, which gives it power to fly. However, Surplus power is also added in the batteries in a plane during daytime to give it back up for long distance flights.

The plane weight is equal to the weight of a family car. It can rise up to 8,500 meters and can cruise at 55-100 kilometers per hour (34-62 meters per hour). He also said that the explorers have gone to the Moon even to the Mars, but they need to explore for some better things on Earth.

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