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How to Stay Away from the Seasonal Allergies (hay fever)

How to Stay Away from the Seasonal Allergies
Seasonal Allergies

As the weather started to warm a bit up, the pollen count become on the high of spreading many kinds of the weather-related allergies in the people like Seasonal Allergies.

You might feel these allergies on the shape of the Runny nose, itchy eyes, and trouble of not being able to sneeze also is one of the most irritating things to face during the weather change. Most of the people suffering from these diseases have been recommended to use honey for that purpose as it helps in building up your immunity even before you start feeling any symptom. Apart from this, there are other natural remedies and techniques to use at home to how to stay away from seasonal allergies.

Take the Nettle-Peppermint Tea

Despite its very bad reputation, Nettle is one of the most helping herbs you will ever use. Following are its advantages:

  • It helps you in relieving the arthritis.
  • It helps you in the lowering down of your blood pressure.
  • And yes, it also helps you in the seasonal allergy problems as well.

It contains luteolin-7-O-rutinoside, which is a type of a flavonoid that helps in inhibiting the activity and also in the enzymes that are anti-inflammatory.

Using the Bee Pollen

Try the local honey first of all, it should work, if it doesn’t, you should move to take the bee pollen. It also works the same way, but you have to start taking it in a small amount and then start increasing the dosage daily gradually day by day. You will need local bee pollen granules. Start the process five months before the season. You can start by taking 1 or 2 granules under your tongue, wait for them to get dissolved or you can chew them as well. Start increasing the number of granules every day after that.

Using the Refreshing Citrus Drink

Most of the seasonal allergies are associated with the warm and sunny nature of the weather so they happen mostly in the spring and summer. As the tea, the citrus filled drink is also equally healing. T contains a huge amount of the Vitamin C in it, by taking which, you can help yourself get saved from most of the seasonal allergies. You will need 2 oranges, half lemon, along with 1 tablespoon of the local, as well as raw, and the organic honey. Mix them, and drink on a daily basis.

Drink Red Onion Water

Onions contain a compound known as the quercetin, which is a water-soluble chemical. It helps you in decreasing down the amount of histamine, which then results in the removing of the symptoms of allergies. Due to this nature, it is also known to be a natural anti-histamine. You will need 4 cups of water, to be mixed with 1 red onion and the organic, raw, honey. Drink it daily and feel the difference.

Season allergies are dangerous, consult the doctor for a proper checkup and get the medicine in a proper routine after that.

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