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Taliban Attack on Sangin District Centre

Taliban Attack
Taliban Attack

Taliban Attack – Taliban forces launched attacks on the Sangin District Centre, which has been threatened by militants many times last year.

According to the spokesman for the provincial governor Omar said that the Taliban attacked their military camps, but they had to face strong opposition from Afghan forces and were pushed back from their camps.

Omar also added that many militants were killed, including their district shadow governor Maulvi Agha in Sangin whereas, Their spokesman Qari Yusuf said that their fighters captured the district center but Afghan forces and US military reject his statement.

US warplanes conducted two air strikes on last day supporting Afghan forces, but Afghan officials rejected to provide more details on their fighting with the Taliban.

However, US Defense Secretary Ash Carter said on his recent visit to Afghanistan that United States forces will now freely attack on Taliban as they have been provided modern weapons after getting approval from President Barrack Obama.

The district is very small and mostly dominated by Taliban who has increased their power during the last year.

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