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Tanik Operation: Security Forces Discovered Awais Shah

awais shah

Security forces discovered Awais Shah, kidnapped son of Sindh High Court’s Judge, Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah after 29 days from Tanik, a district of Khyber PaktoonKhawa. During the operation three kidnappers were killed.

DG Rangers Sindh Major General Bilal Akbar himself came to drop Awais Shah at his place. As, Awais arrived home it was a moment of happiness for the family and sweets were distributed among public.

President Mamnoon Hussain, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Army Chief General Raheel Sharif and many other political leaders congratulated Justice Sajjad on discovery of his son and appreciated the success of the security forces and intelligence agencies.

DG ISPR General AsimBajwa stated in one of his tweets that Awais Shah was discovered from Tanik by security forces. He said that Awais Shah is fine and he also said that COAS General Raheel has called Awais father and congratulated him for his son’s discovery.

According to reports of the media, on Tuesday morning security forces and intelligence agencies asked a car to stop on check post, on which terrorist present in the car started firing on them. In response to firing of security forces all three terrorists were dead on the spot. They were taking Awais towards Afghanistan.

While the car was being checked, forces found arms and ammunitions in huge amount, which included guns, hand grenades and bullets. Later on he was brought to his home from Tanik to Faisal Base Karachi.

DG ISPR also added that Tehrek-e-Taliban was involved in this activity, somehow proves of Al Qaeda have also been observed. The aim of terrorist was to spread shock among the public, any political party has not been involved in this.

The operation was started late night between 2 and 2.30, where three check posts were made near to Tanik. The car was asked to stop, but they went on the road by moving it towards divider. The sniper targeted the car driver and they tried to run away but were killed while escaping.

When the officers were searching in the car, they found someone in a black sheet. When officers inquired the person in black sheet they didn’t get any response so they removed it. On which they found a man who mouth was taped. As soon as the tape was removed he identified himself as Awais Shah, son of Chief Justice Sindh. Awais hands were tied on at his back and chains were applied to his legs.

Officers took him to nearest army camp and later army chief called his dad about his discovery. He added that this is hard work of law enforcement forces and intelligence agencies, the ISI was commanding over the operation. He said that he has not held any meeting with Awais Shah, as details are still to be disclosed.

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